Terms & Conditions

Hirer Specific

It is the responsibility of the hirer(s) to ensure that:

1.    Parking is available for our vehicles during the hire. If this is not possible then the Hirer must inform Snaparazzi at the time of booking. Additional costs maybe incurred if these are not stated at the time of booking.

2.    A single plug socket is located next to the booth area and table available for the use of Snaparazzi.

3.    Access to the venue for parking, unloading and setting up is unrestricted and space is made available for the booth at its setup location.

4.    Snaparazzi are informed of any access restrictions that may impact on point 3. This includes but is not exclusive to stairs, lifts, difficult entrances, parking restriction etc. Additional costs to the hirer maybe incurred if these are not stated at the time of booking. The booth dimensions are 2m (h) x 1m (w) x 1m (d).

5.    Inform Snaparazzi of any changes to access, timings, logistics and setup location.


General Terms and Conditions

•    If for any reason Snaparazzi is not able to commence the hire at the agreed time due to a fault of our own then we will honour the hire period.

•    If for any reason the hire is not able to start at the agreed time due to the hirer or the event (e.g. over-running) then the hire will end as stated and agreed on the booking form.

•    If for any reason the setup is delayed due to a delay of the event or due to events beyond the control of Snaparazzi, this includes the venue, then the hire will end as stated as agreed on the booking form.

•    If any unforeseen circumstances arise that prevent Snaparazzi from attending the hirer(s) event Snaparazzi will refund all of the money paid. Snaparazzi will do its upmost to inform of such circumstances as early as possible.

•    If the hirer wishes to cancel their order, they must do so in writing, either by email or letter. The order is cancelled once Snaparazzi Photobooths Ltd has received the confirmation and responded to confim so. If the event is cancelled after 30 days before the scheduled event date, the remaining balance is payable. All 1st payments are non refundable. (1st payments are based at the agreed amount at the time of booking). 

•    The props and all equipment supplied with the hire of the photobooth remains the property of Snaparazzi. Should any equipment be damaged or stolen then the hirer will be responsible for paying to Snaparazzi the replacement value of the equipment as defined by Snaparazzi.

•    If for any reason Snaparazzi is unable to complete the agreed hire period due to a fault of Snaparazzi, this can include late arrival, failed equipment then Snaparazzi will refund to the hirer the lost time at a rate of £100 per hour.

•    Snaparazzi retains the right to use any of the photos taken in the booth at any event for advertising and marketing, and promotions.

•    The content of all photos is the responsibility of the hirer(s). In circumstances where the hirer agrees to, or does on their own accord, share the photos or publish the photos on Facebook or other online sites then the content and maintenance of these photos remains the responsibility and ownership of these photos.

•    Snaparazzi redeems the right to terminate the hire at any point during the hire. Reasons include but are not restricted to: violence, abuse or behaviour deemed threatening and damage of the booth. Snaparazzi are providing a friendly service and it is expected that this behaviour be reciprocated to our staff.