Our Story

Here's a little story about Snaparazzi...

Snaparazzi Photobooths was established in 2009, when the owner Ross stumbled upon some old photos of his teenage parents capturing their first date in a photobooth.

This got him reminiscing about his teenage years, where him and friends would fool about in the old photobooths at the various metro stations across Newcastle in the early 90’s. Passport regulations soon took the fun out of these old booths when they changed to four identical photo’s, this spurned on the idea in Ross’ mind… Why not bring the fun back to photobooths and let the people of today experience the spontaneous fun that can only be had from a vintage photobooth.

After months of research and long distance phone calls, our first 1960’s converted booth arrived and what a beauty she was! It didn’t take long for the word to spread, Snaparazzi the original photobooth company in the North of England took the wedding and events industry by storm. Winning various accolades in the National Wedding Industry Awards and great acclaim from all of the top venues in the area.

Snaparazzi had officially landed and hasn’t looked back since. Skip forward six years, with a wealth of experience under our belt we now have a team of like-minded, enthusiasts designing, building and recreating the magic of those long gone vintage photobooths.

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